Quando il vibratore scompiglia l’ordine patriarcale

On October 1, 1827, following the job from Erevan, General-Adjutant I

On October 1, 1827, following the job from Erevan, General-Adjutant I

Answer cuatro. F. Paskewich centered ‘a short-term administration’ regarding the common region regarding Erevan and you will Nakhichevan into the October six, 1827. He was supplied the brand new name off ‘Number regarding Erevan’s khanate’, since listed over.

  1. Krasowski, the brand new leader of your Russian soldiers, general-lieutenant, and the president of your own government. He had been within the Armenia in that several months.
  2. Nerses Ashtarakets‘we, a greatest user of the Armenian people.
  3. Borodin, lieutenant-colonel, commandant of one’s stronghold regarding Erevan.

Erevan is actually the center of the newest province

After 1827, Nikolas We, the fresh Emperor of your own Russian Kingdom, ordered to ascertain a permanent muscles to control new khanates out of Erevan and you can Nakhichevan, that should were oriented because of the Paskewich. It consists of 5 participants; 3 of those, for this reason, were Russian officials, and something of them was an enthusiastic Armenian, therefore the almost every other that was a prominent Muslim. The latest Armenian Oblast (marz) try formed in accordance with the areas of Erevan and you can Nakhichevan, by the Petersburg Edict awarded on the March 21, 1828 (shortly after 39 days, in the event that Turkmenchai Treaty is concluded), that have been already regarded as former khanates. Which, but not, resulted in the fresh new rapid removal of you. Centered on Post III of the Turkmenchai Pact ended on the February 10 at Turkmenchai, Persia paid in order to Russia ‘the new Erevan Khanate due to the fact best proprietor of the house [one to expanded] with this or one corners of your Araks River, and Nakhichevan Khanate.’ General-gran A beneficial. Chavchavadze is actually designated because a governor of one’s newly-molded Armenian Oblast. Behbudov, although not, changed your in 1830. 4 okrugs (provinces run because of the police), Erevan, Sharur, Sardarapat, and you can Surmalu was basically integrated components of this new Erevan Province regarding Armenian Oblast. This new Nakhichevan State contains 2 okrugs-Nakhichevan and you can Ordubad. The center of the new Armenian Oblast is the city regarding Erevan. In 1833, a good Russian eagle with a couple minds as well as the top with the picture of Masis, the new Armenian Regal top, and Mom Cathedral off Ejmiatsin have been represented to the layer out-of palms of Armenian Oblast. Into the 1829, Transcaucasia are divided in to 6 other regimes; included in this is the brand new province, since a management-territorial product. Brand new Armenian Oblast (with Erevan State and you will Nakhichevan State) did not change.

It live up to a decade

For the April ten, 1840, Transcaucasia divided the fresh Russian regulators with the Vira-Emeret State, and you can Caspian Province (special armed forces-okrug management). Most of the former six regimes had been eliminated. Included in this was also new Armenian Oblast. The fresh provinces, Erevan and you may Nakhichevan with the Oblast, entered, yourself, into Vira-Emeret Province.

Inside the 1844, Caucasia converted into this new army ordinariate of the Russian Empire. To the December fourteen, 1846, Transcaucasia is actually divided in to cuatro provinces, Tiflis, Khutaisi, Shamakh, and you will Derbend. The latest territories of one’s previous Armenian Oblast (Erevan State and you will Nakhichevan Province) had been contained in Tiflis Province. Aleksandrapol Region was at the new Tiflis Province, and this inside the fresh new countries, Shoragyal (East Shirak), P‘ambak, and you will Akhalk‘alak‘. To the June nine, 1849, this new Erevan State is actually shaped as previously mentioned on Imperial Edict. What the law states is actually added to impact on January step one, 1850. The fresh new nations, Erevan, Nakhichevan, Ordubad, The brand new Bayazet, and you can Aleksandrapol was in fact annexed toward Erevan State, whereas the new Akhalkalak Region seceded out-of Aleksandrapol Area, joining the brand new Tiflis State. Lori seceded from Aleksandrapol and you can are annexed into Tiflis Province inside the 1862. For the 1867, this new Ordubad Side of the Erevan Province is eliminated, as well as area registered brand new Nakhichevan Area of the Erevan State. In 1867, Ejmiatsin Region is actually dependent according to the countries split inside Erevan Province. For this reason, Erevan Province featuring its alter regarding 1867 got 5 nations-Erevan, Nakhichevan, Aleksandrapol, and you will The newest Bayazet. In 1847, this new management-territorial alter taken place inside Erevan Province. The region is actually split up into 7 countries instead of 5 countries: Erevan, Nakhichevan, Aleksandrapol, Ejmiatsin, The new Bayazet, Sharur Daragyaz, and you may Surmalu. Also, Sharur-Daralagyaz Region was shaped based on the parts of Erevan and Nakhichevan, and Surmalu Area is actually established according to research by the areas of the areas of Ejmiatsin. That have particularly a great territorial government, Erevan Province remained nearly without any change up until Get twenty eight, 1918, if the Republic regarding Armenia was made.