Quando il vibratore scompiglia l’ordine patriarcale

Queer Art LAB

QueerArtLAB is an art laboratory focusing on gender, sexuality and public space organized by Space/ID project and Betty&Books Bologna in cooperation with organizations and informal groups from Europe and Caucasus.

QueerArtLAB will engage a group of thirty artists, activists and youth leaders gathering in Bologna (Italy) November 13–19 (approximately) in study, discussion, and art practices as we work about art, community, and self-expression for an exploration of the aesthetics of sexuality and gender via art in public space, while also participating to local public art events and forums organized by local organizations.

If you want to participate and give your contribution to QueerArtLAB project, please contact us at

We applied to Youth in Action Programme of European Commission for May 1st deadline and we are also elaborating a QueerArtLAB tour which we would like to make happen in summer 2013.

Who we are

Space/ID Project aims toexamine how elements of art and performance shape both identity and public space and seek ways to integrate them towards social change. Space/ID Project was developed from the results of Living Space Youth-in-Action Training Course took place in the Rotterdam, European Youth Capital 2009. Itaspires to collaborate with organizations in diverse locations to provide participative training seminars on public space, art and activism; create a comprehensive creative database of experiences, terminology and methodology; and generate multiple public events that affirm individual wholeness and LGBTQ community practices beyond the Pride and Protest framework. Space/IDis a project by Alexey Timbul, Haven Herrin, and Giada Cotugno.

BETTY & BOOKS is a non-profit organization based in Bologna aiming to promote and develop women and pink/queer culture; and to investigate changes and expressions of contemporary culture related to gender, sexuality, pleasure and consent. The Association seeks for development and dissemination of cultural activities centred on body, sexuality and self-determination, understood both as means of emancipation of individuals and as a contribution to social change. This happens through all forms of cultural and recreational activities, as well as through the dialogue between different art practices: video, music, comics, illustration, literature, auto-productions.

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